Dissenter. Maverick. The figure in the cave: Platonic yet restricted to dance and alchemy. Movement and transformation her excellence. Shipton, it seems, is a transcending location.


In the cave I dig

A pit for fire to box in flames

And shadow dance

Tall and faint

Against weathered contours

Of stone.

I have the flair

For tango and waltz –

To ripple roughly

And sink into grooves

Sharp deep shallow carved

I am large enough

To fill this cavernous mould

Seamed with gold,


Alchemy envy

Dust and ore –

Nothing I own is flesh composed,

But is solid and cold:

Gifts from the locals transformed

To blend in with my home

Against the trickle of water in

The maw

Of a cliff’s throat.

Petrified mobile – all

Detritus and greatest joy aloft,

Weight to fall without

Wings on the end of a line,

All mine


Reigning resonation sublime



Amber R Walker, Hull, Creative Writer, Bookmaker, Lover of art

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