Blue China Cup


With you, my sweetheart and fellow mad hatter, a cup of tea whilst drank conventionally, doesn’t quite fit social norms. Sure, we have sugar and milk and perhaps cake, but there is opportunity to dance. There is always an opportunity to dance.


The china cup

You put to your lips

Blue, warm

A chip in the ridge

Handled by hands

Which smoothed my cheek –

You took sugar,

Two spoonfuls,

And a splash of milk

From the fridge

The water boiled,

And the heat in me rose

As I bent over

And buttered the scones

You asked for jam,

There only was grape;

But I scooped

And smeared it

Over the base

I laid the table,

And you lay on a chair

As the tea mashed in the pot:

I spread the silverware,







It was ready,

An unconventional afternoon

For this pair;

We held our cups

And drank

With open stance

A waltz played,

And us fools,

We got up,

Ate cakes scattering crumbs,

And danced



Amber R Walker, Hull, Creative Writer, Bookmaker, Lover of art

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