Victoria Sponge

It seems baked goods are off the menu for this duo…


With the guest in place,

I took a spoon,

Whipped up some shape

Folded in the flour,

Added eggs,

Licked the bowl

And poured the mix

Into a tin

It went in the oven,

220 degrees for an hour

Set by the timer;

But the damn thing would

Not bloody rise

No matter how long it stayed

In the warm

I gave up, went through

To the table

And presented

The drab thing on its plate,

All pale and soft,

Quite deformed,

Not how it should look,

Not worth entering into a show

She was worried;

She got up,

And left;

Turns out

Her tarts in the car

Couldn’t stand being left in the cold



Amber R Walker, Hull, Creative Writer, Bookmaker, Lover of art

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