I like to think there are illuminating points in our life, set out in a row, and that once we reach those lit up points, we can learn something which changes us. That knowledge can be positive or negative, yet still have the same enlightening effect. And also, being in darkness is not the worst place to find oneself; rather, it means once the shadows are gone, we can see more clearly.


Carbon cut dark,

Drawn out smudged streets,

Sketched skirts, suits,

The relentless shoes

Upon feet

Black line

Iron cast lantern,

Repeated rows

Measuring sticks elite,

Stuck and stark,

Ladder leaned




For the blare, the flash

Matched flames

Pinpoint passed


Coloured glow brief;

I smile, to

Know that I have seen

Shades of you,

Full relief



Amber R Walker, Hull, Creative Writer, Bookmaker, Lover of art

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