From time to time, we have new beginnings that don’t follow the order of time. If we can imagine, we can change, and if we can change for the better, we can stave off the negativity for a while. I’d like to plant a garden, my own space inside the city where I can regain order, colour co-ordinate, border a place where I can sit and think. With the cold months ahead, spring is only a mind’s grasp away. 


Under winter’s thumb, a

Print was left



The leaves unfurled,

Crystal strands paved


The streets bereft

Of New Year’s cold;

The softness of soil bared

Between what is now,

And now what is old


The borders are busy,


Green, purple, gold

Yellow, red;

I take the plunge

And see a garden invented

Amongst urban paths aglow



Amber R Walker, Hull, Creative Writer, Bookmaker, Lover of art

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