Shared dreams, being somewhere that normally cannot be reached. You and I, we saw a glow in the distance and felt the weight of being watched. Also, tea and pajamas and toast are excellent bed companions, as are you my bear. 


In the dead hours,

When the toast has been


Finely frosting

Crackling sheets

I slip into pajamas

And lay

Chasing trails

Of steam

From last night’s

Cups of tea


You or I might speak,

Speak in our sleep

Of forests

Unseen watchers

And a glow where

The sky and road meet

Beyond dark trees

Somewhere we’ve been



Under the cotton

We’ve striped

Blue and cream


Their leaves of words,

Wakeful, written down;

Close enough to wear,

I remember

And measure up

Gram for gram

What we wore

And what it was like

When we were there



Amber R Walker, Hull, Creative Writer, Bookmaker, Lover of art

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