Stage 5 Sky

My bear, Ursula Major, set in my mind; a person to navigate with, set the compass point from, all directions leading to happiness. What we say is ours, what we do is ours, no imitations, no holds barred.

When the moon dips

Her crown and rolls

Her constellated robe,

Eons of gauze

Sweeping through

Some blue skied mind

Stage 5 on a celestial lobe

Our bed has been dreamt,

Dreamt for a role;

Your mouth meets mine,

And we say the things others

Have drawled

Outside this vacuum

Sealed hold

Our bodies draw pathways,

Bound stars

Set to explode,

Tied down

You guide me,

And I repeat what I’ve been told


I’m yours,

And here I am

In satellite,

Your number 2260,

In darkness unfolded

Your beloved planetary fool



Amber R Walker, Hull, Creative Writer, Bookmaker, Lover of art

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