Christmas in Victoria Square

When we look into the night sky, we’re looking into the past, since light from the stars takes so long to travel through space. By the time we see the light, some of the stars have already burnt out, and their glow is residue from delay. I want to see the present with you, and the days and days after, and have our own little bit of space in front of us. We can imagine and create our own constellations.


Beneath the clear sky,

We waited, our faces

Upturned in the crowd,

Packed into this city’s square,

Ten seconds away

From switched on delay

Of lights to match

The stars; electric red,

Not burnt out,

Nor white pin pointed

Satellites above these old streets



Time has begun now;


The days and days

To trail

Ribbon and paper streams

In some Technicolor

Show under the far staying

Christmas tree

Have unravelled in strands

To reveal what they’ll be

Present and presently


Ticking, ripping,

The count-down


To one;

The space is around us,

The planets are near

In the pause –

I take your hand,

Lost in our own Milky Way,

The blare is brighter

Than the sun



Amber R Walker, Hull, Creative Writer, Bookmaker, Lover of art

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