Locked Lips Tell No Lies – Extract 10

And so to my confusion, I found myself in the grounds in the dead hours of night, my dressing gown heavy. I’d dreamt of Artemis, and something whirred and clicked into place inside my head. She was talking to me, relaying that the reason I hadn’t seen in her in the grounds in ages was because she was at the bottom of the lake. I woke up and found myself on its banks. I picked up rocks, tucked my pyjama bottoms in around the ankles, and proceeded to fill them with masses of stone. I could barely move my legs, and knowing I couldn’t fit any more rocks in there, I slipped the last two into my dressing gown pocket.

I waded in, noticing how cold it was. When I was a metre or so away from the shore, the bed of the lake drew itself from my feet in a pleasant drop; I could no longer stand up and was sinking. I smiled before the water closed in above my head, then I opened my mouth. She had to be in here with me somewhere, and I was going to call her name. I was full up to the skull as I let go of the last of the oxygen I had in my lungs, and still I repeated my efforts to call her, bubbles not appearing when I moved my mouth. Bright blue and white lights fired in my eyes, and I felt a hand take hold of mine. Momentarily, I felt peace; some kind of satisfaction a welcome reprieve from the unrest I had been feeling. Then the lights stopped, and I lost consciousness as I was being pulled up and away to join Artemis in our own new world.





Amber R Walker, Hull, Creative Writer, Bookmaker, Lover of art

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