Hecate’s Coffee House

I left the broom

At home

In some unswept room

And instead flew by car

To practice divination

In the café-filled prattle

Of distorted incantations

Steam blurred and undetectable

In the bubble

Of water, heated enchantations

Made drinkable

With milk, sugar, and tea


The fools were swallowing

Hot chocolate and lattes

By the countless cup,

Toiling with silver spoons

To mix the beverage enough

To their liking


They didn’t notice me slipping

And adding my own little twist

Here and there to a mug,

Nor pouring the mixtures up

In silent transformation

With each drop, drop, drop

Of the witch’s brew


I could have read the leaves,

They read the same

In plain view;

Still, the measures

Ensnared the drinkers

And gave them their due


I’m sure they’ll be back

For another Earl Grey fix

At Hecate’s Coffee House soon



Amber R Walker, Hull, Creative Writer, Bookmaker, Lover of art

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