I plugged in,

Switched on,

Fine-tuned the beat,

And let myself

Clumsily meet the rhythm

Pouring its symphonic song

Into ears ready

To the censor the world

And its unrefined lyrics

From this reluctant mind


I was young, I

Balanced the hits

On a list, each vying

‘Play me on repeat,

Again and again’

Through tangled wires

Sourcing the songs


I was one, and two

And even three:

Counting, counting

Verses into sound

Whilst the cacophony

Beyond rattled and fell mute –

Ran dry,

Burrowed underground


I wouldn’t hear

Their voices droning doubt,

Tone-deaf in their falling flat

Octaves outside

My own stereo surround




Amber R Walker, Hull, Creative Writer, Bookmaker, Lover of art

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