When you don’t have much, you have to be imaginative in what you can give to add value to what is on offer. I invent to create importance, and to show that I care.


I leave my door open,

In the hope that you’ll walk through,

And clutch me with such fervour,

That the walls shake

In their corners,

And the window clamours

To get a better view

From its frame


I’ll say your name;

Though I’m pocket poor,

I know what it is to feel wealth amass

In taut arms

As the gold of your hair cascades

Over my shoulder

In untamed lakes

And falls


I cannot give you as much

As I’d like, yet I can offer my bed,

And these kisses

With this and this and this

Handheld in twisted sheets,

Our warm touch bled

Into blended red mouths

With soft spoken lips

Murmuring their rhymes


The verses formed

With you on my mind,

All paid in advanced due

Each last loving line an IOU



Amber R Walker, Hull, Creative Writer, Bookmaker, Lover of art

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