At Sea – Part Two

I stood under necrotic grey,

And heard the calling of crows,

Long caws stitching wounds

Only I and the gods could know,

And I grew tired,

Sank into winter’s monochrome

Painting the ceiling

Of the cathedral

Of our planetary home,


Pray, ground, alone;

Despotic vespers half-danced

From the knees

To a blind dull dome

I writhed and exalted for summer,

For other birds already flown,

Whispered words about

Bright plumage gone

Added an ‘amen’

In a stream of sibilant drone

Land-locked in urban wilderness,

I still find myself at sea

Stranded on the frozen waves

That will not bear me

Closer back through the years

To when the Albatross

Didn’t follow

Nor to when the roars

Of prevailing loss

Couldn’t other sounds swallow

Nor to when the sky was

A victim of theft,

Robbed of blue and indigo and yellow,

Nor to when I was robbed too,

Made bereft

And knew the blow

Of death’s fist

Punching in sorrow

You aren’t here,

It’s black and white,

Written in 2D shades


The light has been dialled down,

I will age,

You will stay young,

Cue the hissing of haunting serpents

And the dimming of the sun